Necrosis and graft incompatibility

Necrotic graft junction in 1 month old grafted pepper:tomato plant

Graft incompatibility is often due to failed vascular connection in the graft junction. Necrosis in the junction is a common symptom of a failed vascular junction.

This work focuses on quantifying the degree of necrosis inside the junction of incompatible grafts with DAB staining and Instron tensile force machines.

TUNEL assay tags nuclei undergoing apoptosis. We are interested in seeing if incompatible grafts have increased levels of apoptosis with the junction.
3 Point bend test and Instron tensile test are used to quantify the structural integrity of the graft junction.


  • Grafting, plant care
  • DAB staining
  • Tensile biophysical analysis
  • Antibody staining

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