During my academic progress, I have been lucky to have had many excellent scientific mentors: my undergraduate PI, Dr. Virginia Rider, an academic mentor, Dr. Neil Snow, Hwara, my dear friend, and M.Sci. Student at Pittsburg State University, and the lovely Dr. Chong Teng, a Post-doc in Blake Meyer’s lab at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. All of these amazing women helped to guide and support me as I grew as a scientist.

Dr. Virginia Rider (left)
Mallory Gibsion (left), myself (center), Hwara Khalit, M.S. at Pittsburg State (right)

Dr. Chong Teng, post-doc at DDPSC (left)

Upon my acceptance into Cornell University, I was again overwhelmed by the amazing support of those around me. Dr. Joyce Van Eck, Olena Vatamaniuk, and my PI, Dr. Margaret Frank, have both been excellent mentors and role-models as I strive to grow as a scientist. Now, I am in a position to provide support to mentees in plant science.

My first summer in the Frank Lab
Dr. Margaret Frank (left), myself (center), Jenny Probst, PhD Student at University of Missouri (right)

Past and Present Mentees:

Jack (Lastname with-held), Monroe-Woodbury High School in Central Valley, N.Y.
Program: Scientific Research through the University in the High School Program at SUNY Albany
Title: Inter-stock grafting as a tool for protection against Boron toxicity
Year: Spring 2020-2021

Nicole Hempel , Cornell University
Program: Undergraduate research assistant, summer research assistant
Title: Graft mobile dyes
Year: April 2019-2021

Sophia Monroe , The University of Scranton
Program: NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates
Title: Automated detection of plant venation
Year: June 2019-Aug 2019

Allie Hermanson , Cornell University
Program: Undergraduate research assistant
Title: Graft compatibility in the Solanaceae
Year: Jan 2019-2021

Alice Gevorgyan, Cornell University
Program: Undergraduate research assistant
Title: Generation of pxy mutants in Solanum lycopersicum
Year: Jan 2019-Present

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